Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj

Boob count: 6
Boob time: little
Girls: Elena Tecuta, Lauren Cohan, random porn star
The Rise of Taj is another of the National Lampoon series and is supposed to be the a sequel to Van Wilder. It fails. Taj ends up in a loser frat with a nerd, a guy afraid of his giant schlong, a pissed off Irish douche, and a girl with huge jugs. Van Wilder never shows up in the movie and Taj sucks at taking over his role. The brit with jugs (Holly Davidson) lets them out for air during a badminton tournament but the camera never shows her body and her boobs at the same time so it looks like they're stunt boobs Edit: they are stunt boobs, watch the DVD extras. Later on, (a LOT later on - after you've fallen asleep) the giant schlong gets a flash, knocks out the girl (Elena Tecuta) that flashes him with his giant wang and freaks out. This has a decent amount of boob time but it looks like the girl is dead. The main girl (Lauren Cohan) flashes her tits for a millisecond when Taj's parents and sister come in.

Bottom line: Unless you want to see quick flashes of stunt boobs and dead boobs and a foreign kid that can't get tang, skip it.

The Rise of Taj: Brit girl stunt boobs
The Rise of Taj: Elena Tecuta